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From a supermom of 9 to a top-rated eBay seller, Terry Wilcox takes us through her challenges with book resale and how she’d made a regular profitable turnover per year on the platform. She shares with us her dreams and aspirations as well as hot tips on how to start your very own resale books business!

From Homeschooling to E-Commerce: The Pivot

Being a super mother of 9 kids, Terry wanted to ensure that all her children received the best quality education. So she began buying and selling curriculum materials and before she knew it, she had a solid physical inventory with her. She then thought to herself, instead of throwing it out, why not give back to others and start an eBay store?

This was back in 2013 and the store has only grown. She regularly visits yard sales with her friends and spends her time sourcing these items to sell on e-Bay. While she started with books, her sourcing journey brought her to sell many things, including shoes and clothing. She does regular research online, follows influencers in the space, and has a good group of friends with who she does her thrift shopping. With the help of these, she’s able to strategize and re-strategize with the listings on her eBay seller account.

“I got to the point where I had probably about 1200 physical items in my house. It finally got to the point where it was like, I am running out of room where I can put my physical inventory. And I said, there’s got to be a different way to be able to sell online.”

When her husband lost his job in 2018, the two tag-teamed and help scale the eBay account three times the revenue in the past 3 years. The extra pair of hands helped supermom Terry to get time to source for more products and with the help of AccerlerList, she was able to cross-list the products in her store onto Amazon and start selling there too!

The Success Formula

Terry attributes her success to her routine amidst her hectic schedule and her support network. She ensures she wakes up by 5.30 am every morning and follows a morning routine inspired by the Hal Elrod Morning Miracle. Her morning routine starts with meditation, affirmations, and visualizations, followed by exercise and some reading. This gives her a solid start to the day and allows her to get some me-time in for the day. She likes the headspace this gives her and recommends anyone who’s looking at improving themselves to adopt a morning routine. As for her support network, Terry first started watching videos on YouTube about setting up an eBay store and is an active member in multiple online reselling communities.

Terry adds that she believes in having multiple streams of income and reselling books and other stuff online is just one part of her day. She works in a day job, which in turn supports her sourcing ventures for her online re-selling stores!

Giving Back Through Coaching

In the future, Terry mentions she intends to learn more about online more so that she can eventually give back by coaching online. She intends to schedule some time off to learn all the amazing tools relating to video editing and social media so that she can make these coaching videos seamlessly. She mentions that she’s lucky she got a good support system, with her daughter understanding how to create TikTok videos.

“Having someone to walk you through it is easier than trying to learn all of it. Because it’s all been done. It’s just like, we just need to find the right people to teach us how to do some of these steps. And that’s where I think those Facebook communities have been helpful,” Terry mentions. She intends to give back in the same way, despite her hectic schedule with a job and raising 9 children. She believes that there are lots of opportunities still in the re-selling market, and people can still find their place, and she intends to guide future re-sellers.

“Oh, well, I guess I never really consider myself an expert on these things. But since I’m in ahead, then, and I do like being able to help people. So, there are two sides to this, this business. You know, there’s the part where we’re making money, and then there’s the part where it’s satisfying on both sides.”

She shares this and many other gems on The Sellers Corner. Listen to her podcast interview below to get the whole story and more helpful tips!

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