Top 10 Book Categories sold on Amazon

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

Earlier this fall Accelerlist started tracking product categories listed on the platform and we were particularly interested in what were the top 10 book categories Amazon sellers were listing the most with us.

We can’t draw a direct correlation to the types of books listed versus how well those categories are selling on Amazon but it’s safe to assume these days that sellers are only listing books that have a good chance of selling.

So the data is important and interesting.

Some of the categories were surprises for us and some were not.  One that didn’t surprise us, but perhaps may surprise others was the children’s books category. 

This category sells well on Amazon but tends to garner lower profits because children are rough with their books in general which causes sellers to downgrade the condition rating, thus producing smaller profits in aggregate.

If you’re doing retail arbitrage then finding children’s books is easy peasy, but try to look for the ones in the best condition.

On the flip side however, they are a very popular category in books selling on Amazon. More sales means more profit in total across the category.

Some children books are even rare, especially the Disney books and we’ve seen sales from $100 all the way up to $2000 in some cases.

Other categories have not surprised us at all.

Politics, Business, Health…basically anything that “teaches” something will always sell well on Amazon. After all, people read books to learn, not just to be entertained.

We analyzed 500,000 books listed on AccelerList and these are the Top 10 categories

Literature & Fiction

Literature & Fiction is by far the #1 book category listed on our platform, which includes small single sellers all the way up to larger bulk listing book sellers.

What are some examples of Literature & Fiction books?

Fiction versus Non-Fiction

Fiction is the same as fictitious which is defined as:

Literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

Or in other words, “made up stories”.

Non-Fiction means that the story being told is in part true or wholly true.

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