Selling on Amazon After a Life Changing Accident

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Karin Weizel worked at a dealership when one day while out on a test drive with a customer, they got into an accident with a semi-truck. She knew this was no longer the life she wanted to live and began to search for ways to make money without having to work the typical 9-5.

She sold things on eBay here and there previously but she started to feel that life was too short to be stuck at her job.

Amazon FBA and Selling On eBay


Suddenly Karin was flooded with all kinds of information and content, but she found inspiration to sell on Amazon through Tik Tok. This brought her into the world of Book Flipping.

When she first looked into Tik Tok, Karin’s son let her know that it was mostly young people dancing on there, but a quick search showed her that wasn’t entirely true.

“I wasn’t seeing the 12 year olds dancing and that kind of stuff. I wasn’t seeing that, what I was getting out of Tik Tok was immediately people that were sharing their life story and talking about selling on Amazon and eBay.”

Karin is a big proponent of taking in as much information and content about Amazon FBA and selling on eBay before jumping into doing it yourself. When you go into a venture with the power of knowledge then it’s hard to stumble.

Amazon FBA Community

Karin found the community to be kind and helpful, but of course there are some things that members of the Amazon FBA community are not going to tell you right off the bat.

Everyone has their sources and to scale your own business you have to put in the work and do your homework for example: you probably won’t have anyone telling you where you can buy Gaylords.

But as far the community goes people are just mostly wanting to see others succeed in this business as well. As Karin states “There’s enough books in the world for everybody.” While some may hold onto information and have their well kept secrets, it’s mostly about a sense of community and to help one another.


Karin’s main goal is to be able to sell enough where she can end up traveling all while doing Amazon FBA. It’s her dream to use her book selling income to fuel her travels across the country in an RV.

She feels she can do online sales from anywhere, and being able to travel from place to place and picking up things here and there from thrift stores would be a perfect situation for her.

You can listen to Karin as a guest on The Sellers Corner here:

Do you have a dream you’re trying to achieve while selling online?

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