Profit Reprice™ versus RepriceIt

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

Choosing which repricer you use to help you scale your Amazon business and increase your profits is a very important decision.

In this article, we’ll show you why Profit Reprice™ is your best choice for product repricing versus RepriceIt.

Let’s review some of the major difference in each application…

RepriceIt doesn’t know your buy costs

By far one of the biggest advantages of Profit Reprice™ is that it is integrated into AccelerList so that your product buy costs are automatically saved at the SKU level allowing you to lock in ROI or profit margins so that you never lose money on a product.

This is paramount. If you have a product listed on Amazon and your repricer doesn’t know it’s buy costs, how can it protect your profits?

You won’t be able to remember all of your buy costs across your products and uploading buy costs with Excel or CVS files is too time consuming.

You can protect profit in two places within the application and under two different scenarios.

  1. If you have inventory that was listed with another application and you would like to now use Profit Reprice, you can update older listings that we synced from your Amazon Seller Central account on your inventory page.
  2. You can also lock in the ROI on the actual product listing page within AccelerList.

Robust and simple reporting that’s easy to understand

Repricing can be a tricky subject to get your head around and that’s why when we built Profit Reprice™ we had reporting in mind for the seller.

We provide two levels of reporting for our sellers.

  • A summary overview report of each template so you can ensure your template is humming along
  • A more detailed MSKU level report so you can see why products are or are not repricing and also their price movements

Template Overview Summary

In this view you will be able to see how many of the scheduled MSKUs actually had a reprice event based on the template and it’s competitive conditions you set for it.

This is a just a quick “temperature check” that you can click on and review for any of your created templates that have a schedule created for them and are running.

Template Detail Report

If you clink on View Detail from the summary report you will find a more detailed report that gives you actual sku level insights into the repricing events being applied to your products.

You can also see all of your MSKUs that did not reprice and the reasons why for this.

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