🙋🏼 How to Hire your first Virtual Personal Assistant

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

I think you’d agree with me when I say:virtual personal assistant

Running an Amazon business or any business for that matter is extremely difficult.

Depending on what sort of business you’re in or what you sell on Amazon, your business could be “killing” you actually.

Stress.  Labor.  Time away from family.  Poor health habits, like lack of exercise.

It all adds up and you’re not even noticing it.

They are all related.

They are all part of a complex factors that are keeping you from owning an actual business and is in fact, just creating a second job for yourself.

How do you break free and hire your first virtual private assistant?

That is the question isn’t it.

Well, first things first.  When we did our research for this article we asked a bunch of new and experienced business owners (most on Amazon) as to what were some of the objections or they had when they were thinking about hiring their first virtual personal assistant?

Some of the things we heard was:

  1. Price
  2. Time it takes to train
  3. And being let down

And those are all rational and valid hesitations.  So we’d like to address them.

How does price factor when hiring your a virtual personal assistant?

One of the thoughts racing through my head when I was looking for VA solutions was how much I would be on the hook for it each month.  Sure, I knew I needed to hire someone to help but I wasn’t even sure I could keep them busy for an entire month nor did I know how much that would actually cost.

Luckily, business models have changed for owners of virtual assistant companies and you no longer have to hire someone full time or even part time.

Think of it as fractional ownership or a shared VA experience.

When I first started out with my VA I was only leveraging her for 10 hours a week maybe.

At $5 an hour, that’s only $200 a month in spend to alleviate a lot of stress for yourself.

I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

Simply put, yes.

Remember, you’re trying to break free from your second job and create a business so you’re going to have to train them.

But there are best practices and tips we share in the video below with our friends from FreeeUp that will help along in this journey.

With the advances in video technology and project management software like Trello and Slack, creating training videos and organizing them is a sinch.

I don’t want to be let down

Well neither do I, but it happens.  It happens more in my personal life than in my business life is I was being completely honest with you.

And you will be let down from time to time.  How you mitigate those experiences…how you plan for them…how you react to them is really a test for you as a small business owner.

Will you live up to your own expectations?

Watch the interview below from an actual Virtual Personal Assistant business owner and comment below on your thoughts.


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