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If you’re looking for more product sources for your book-selling business, then Facebook Marketplace could be the best place to find them.

Community platforms such as NextDoor are great, but because people are hanging out more on Facebook, their Marketplace usually ends up more fruitful.

Sellers will often post an item or books on Craigslist, NextDoor, and Facebook Marketplace.

Where can I find the Facebook Marketplace?

To find the Facebook Marketplace just navigate to Facebook and then click on the menu link to the left.

click on Facebook marketplace

From here you will want to search for the item or items you are trying to buy.

facebook marketplace main view

After a quick search, you should find items for sale almost immediately.

book listings

Buyer Beware

You’ll have to choose wisely and look at the pictures closely before making an offer or committing to a purchase.  For example, most people selling books are genuine everyday people looking to get rid of their books.  But some are experienced Amazon sellers looking to dump their duds.

Examining the Product Listing

There are several components to the actual product listing you’ll want to pay attention to before you hit that blue buy button.  We’ve listed the most important below to ensure you make the right decision.

  1. Review all photos
  2. Read the product description carefully
  3. Check out their seller rating
  4. Ensure you have the right quantity

Making the Offer

Some product listings will allow you to make an offer, but most will be just a straight purchase for the amount stated.

Hit the blue button, fill out the shipping address, and finalize the purchase with your preferred payment form.

final facebook pay screen

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