What perks do you get for being an Amazon Professional Seller

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

Often, we’ll get excited Amazon sellers who sign up for AccelerList to start listing their products with us and we unfortunately have to cancel their subscription before their trial is even up.

This is because they were not an Amazon professional seller. Being an Amazon professional seller costs $40/month but as you will see in this article, it’s well worth it.

Amazon professional sellers are also commonly known as a “FBA Sellers” as well.

When you are first starting out selling on Amazon it may feel like you are getting pinched for money in every direction, we totally get it.

But if you breakdown the costs and then the efficiencies you gain from your subscriptions, you should quickly see that their is more than enough value to warrant the spend.

Amazon Professional Seller. Should I pay for the plan?

Let’s first start with the Amazon Professional Selling Plan.

It costs $40 a month or $480 a year but if you head over to read some of our Amazon success stories, you’ll see that you can make up the $480 in your first month of selling on Amazon.

Here are some of the perks you get for being an Amazon professional seller versus an individual seller.

Seller account featureProfessionalIndividual
$39.99 monthly subscription fee😩
$0.99 per-item fee when an item sells 😩
Create new product pages in the Amazon catalog
Manage inventory using feeds, spreadsheets, and reports😩
Manage orders using order reports and order-related feeds😩
Use Amazon Marketplace Web Service to upload feeds, receive reports, and perform other API functions😩
Amazon-set shipping rates for all products 
Seller-set shipping rates for non-BMVD products😩
Make listings inactive when you want to stop selling for a period of time (for example, if you can’t fulfill orders for any reason, such as family emergency, inclement weather, going on holiday or vacation, and so on)
Promotionsgift services, and other special listing features😩
Eligibility for listing placement in the Buy Box😩
Ability to calculate U.S. sales and use taxes on your orders😩

But even this chart can be a little daunting if you are new to selling on Amazon.

The best way to some up this chart and selling on Amazon as an FBA seller with a paid Amazon professional seller plan is…… SCALE.

You can certainly make lots of money selling on the individual plan but it’s not optimized for a business that wants to scale.

You can make a lot more money selling on FBA…like millions of dollars if you choose to give your all.

4 ways to scale your Amazon business

Fulfillment by Amazon

As an individual seller, you handle the shipping, the customer service and the storage. Pretty hard to scale up and out of your apartment or house if your holding on to books or toys all year round, waiting for them to sell.

Buy Box

Over 80% of all sales happen right in the buy box. As an individual seller you are not eligible for the Buy Box so you will be missing out on lots of potential sales. To make matters worse, you’ll most likely need to drop your pricing to a level low enough to attract a buyer off of the Buy Box offer in order to nab the sale which only eats into your profit.

MWS API connection

Unless you are a software engineer you most likely won’t be messing around with Amazon’s MWS API, but that is what AccelerList is for.

Listing products on Amazon’s Seller Central is painfully slow. If you are a private label seller and only have a few skus (barcodes) it might be doable, but even those sellers leverage software to scale their business.

If you’re doing medium-to-high volume retail arbitrage then you are listing lots of products all the time and you’ll need and want a listing application.

As an individual seller, you won’t have access at all to the API which means AccelerList won’t be able to connect to your account and you won’t be able to list with us.

Promotion and Gift Services

Want to run a special promotion on your products? Want to offer gift services to entice customers? You won’t be able to do that on the individual seller plan and that means missing out on Prime Day and the 4th quarter.

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