What to do when Amazon loses your package or it’s stolen

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Stolen Amazon Package? Here’s What You Can Do

Your Amazon package is yet to arrive in the mail, and you haven’t received any tracking updates for an eternity. You start to wonder if Amazon has lost your package—you might even suspect that you’ve had your Amazon package stolen.

You might even be a seller, feeling upset that your customer appears to have been let down by Amazon’s delivery services.

This situation is incredibly frustrating, but there are steps that both Amazon buyers and sellers can take to remedy things. Before you sink into your armchair in defeat, read this article and discover some of the options available to you.

First, we’ll discuss some of the actions that Amazon buyers can take. If you’re a seller and wonder what you can do about a lost Amazon package, skip ahead to the second part of this article.

Amazon lost my package: Steps buyers can take

If 48 hours have passed since your Amazon package should have arrived, you’re entitled to submit a claim with either Amazon or the third-party seller you purchased from. Check whether Amazon supplied the product themselves or if you bought it from a unique seller on Amazon.

First of all, make sure you double-check that your package is lost.

  • Access your Amazon account’s “Order History” to check the latest tracking details. If your package is marked as “Delivered,” thoroughly inspect the perimeter of your home just in case the delivery person has left it in an unconventional location. It’s also worth checking whether a neighbor might have accepted your package while you were away from home.
  • If your order has been showing as “In transit” for ten days or more without any further updates, you would be right to think that your package might be lost. You can use the following phone number to call Amazon for a tracking update: 1 (888) 280-4331.
  • Check “Order Details” to make sure the order was sent to the correct delivery address. An old delivery address can sometimes be the culprit if a customer has recently moved.
  • Find Amazon’s “Carrier contact information” and check whether they know anything about your parcel. Amazon lists contact numbers for many delivery services, including UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Alternatively, check here for the contact numbers of some of the largest US-based carriers.

If you’re confident your package hasn’t been delivered, and you have no extra information from your carrier, it’s time to raise a claim with Amazon.

Note: If you’ve purchased through a third-party seller, you’ll need to click “Contact Seller” after logging in to Amazon Pay and report the issue. Give your seller 24 hours to respond to your message before filing a claim with Amazon!

Submitting a claim with Amazon

If you’ve completed all of the above steps and you’re between days 14 and 90 following your purchase date, you’re eligible to submit a claim for your lost package.

Click “View/File Claim” next to the relevant item in your Order List.

Then, fill out the form supplying further information about your claim. It will help if you’re able to provide supporting documentation if possible.

You can track the status of your claim through your Amazon Pay account. Once Amazon has reviewed the claim, they’ll either refund your payment or refuse to do so if the seller provides proof of delivery.

Amazon package stolen?

According to a C+R research report, around 36% of Americans have reported a delivered package as being stolen. That leads us to believe that package theft is not all that rare. If you think your package was delivered and stolen, contact Amazon as above to claim a refund.

If your package is stolen, you should also consider filing a police report alongside any evidence you have.

What can sellers do about lost Amazon packages?

Sellers whose packages become lost might face a murkier situation, but, fortunately, Amazon has provided some guidance to follow when dealing with a buyer who reports a lost package.

Customer service is expected to be the number one priority in these situations, so issuing a refund might be one of the best mutually agreeable solutions. No matter if you’re a third-party seller using Seller Fulfilled Prime or any other regular setup, this advice will apply to you.

Handling a lost package as a Seller

Here’s how Amazon would expect you to handle a lost package as a seller:

  • First of all, ask the buyer to wait a little longer to see if it arrives. There could be postage delays affecting the order. Keep communication friendly and be empathetic with the buyer’s frustration.
  • If you’ve purchased package tracking, you can contact your carrier to ask if they know anything about the package. If they don’t have any information, they might still be able to help you create an insurance claim for the lost package.
  • If your buyer hasn’t received their product after a reasonable amount of time has passed, the best course of action is usually to provide a complete refund. You could also offer a refund and then ask your buyer to order again so you can ship another package out.

Not all hope is lost with a lost Amazon package

Despite the frustration it causes to sellers and buyers alike, a lost package doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. A reasonable seller will always help a buyer by replacing the lost item or issuing a refund. Mail carriers, as well as Amazon itself, can provide plenty of extra support to sellers and buyers along the way.

If you’re an Amazon seller, keeping track of your inventory is another crucial part of getting to the bottom of lost-package issues. AccelerList offers a fuss-free way to save hours listing products on Amazon, enabling sellers to save time with product listing, repricing, and accounting. Run your whole Amazon business from one dashboard! Register for an AccelerList free trial today.

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