ScanLister vs AccelerList: Amazon Seller Tool Review

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

Selling on Amazon is not easy, but software makes it a lot easier and having the right software is crucial in order to scale your business. In this article we are proud to compare ScanLister vs AccelerList so that you can get a comprehensive comparison of the two.

Of course, with every company sponsored product comparison you’ll need to judiciously weigh out the features and benefit comparisons for yourself and make your own educated assessment of which listing application is better for you.

The Basics

At its very core, both listing applications will streamline the Amazon listing process for you. If you’re listing your products via Seller Central still, then you are losing money to inefficiencies.

Most will agree with this.

Both listing applications get the job done essentially but AccelerList goes far and beyond to meet many more seller workflows and offers a plethora of advanced feature sets.


One of the bigger standouts in this comparison is the technology that each program is built on.

Scanlister is a desktop application and that means you will need to physically download the application on your desktop computer.

That also means you will need to download any updates to the program as they are released.

We don’t like downloads as they are a bit intrusive and you never know what’s packed inside them. That is one of the main reasons why we chose to build AccelerList as a web application.

In addition to messy downloads, building AccelerList as a web application means we are able to code once and deploy.

With desktop applications you must code for both operating systems and that can drag out development of new features and really slow down progress.

Clunky User Interfaces

It’s not just Scanlister that is stuck with a clunky user interface. Any company choosing this technology will be severely limited in how their user interface looks to their end user.

AccelerList however…is beautiful.

As a web application, AccelerList is literally limitless with what it can do with its user interface in order to support Amazon sellers.

And it’s not just because we’re built in the browser.

AccelerList is built on the same technology as Facebook, Instagram, Quora and Shopify. We can add and/or edit features to suit the needs of sellers on the fly and we ship features faster than Inventory Lab or any other listing application out there.


Scanlister is currently priced at $24/mo and AccelerList is $10 more at $34/mo, but we come with a lot more features. Features that will matter to your business and save you more than the difference each month.

We spend a lot of time thinking about pricing actually. We are proud to be the best value offering for listing applications in the Amazon niche.

Features Scanlister doesn’t have

Accounting Features

AccelerList has your back when it comes to paying your business or personal taxes as an Amazon seller. Simply download your income reports from Seller Central and we’ll re-visualize them into beautiful and impactful charts along with generating a perfectly formatted Profit & Loss statement.

Keep track of your costs of goods along the way too.

Beautiful dashboards

When you sit down to list products for your Amazon business, your mind is usually in “business mode”. And because of that, whenever you enter into your AccelerList account you are immediately greeted with stunning dashboard that shows you exactly where you are at in your business.

You’ll be able to quickly review key metrics such as:

  • # of active inventory
  • 90 days sell through rate
  • units listed in the current month
  • your average salesrank for the month
  • your ASP (average selling price)
  • weekly gross sales
  • monthly gross sales
  • # of units sold

You’ll also be able to quickly see how much your Amazon business is generating in net profit for the last six months.

Built in repricing

With a native and built in repricer, you will always be able to protect your profit with ROI minimums and guardrails to ensure you never are caught in a race to the bottom.

Profit Reprice™ is our very own repricer and you never have to leave the app to get business done the right way. Gone are the days of logging in and out of your repricer, Seller Central and then your listing application so you can just get your products repriced.

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