3 more ways to Sell Back Your Book besides Amazon!

Travis R.
Amazon seller & Software Founder

When you are looking to turn a profit in your Amazon book business, sometimes it makes more sense to sell back your book somewhere else.

Amazon started as a book selling platform and it always will be. And it is still a very simple, buy low and sell high business model.

But there are factors in play with any business you venture in. Their are efficiencies to be sought after overtime in your business. There are processes and standard operating procedures that must be put in place.

So if you can squeeze a dollar over there and repeat it over and over again, sometimes that makes sense.

That’s why when the good folks over at SellBackYourBook.com came to us about an integration partnership… we were thrilled.

Who is SellBackYourBook.com?

Sell Back Your Book or SBYB is a wholesale book selling business located in the Chicago area that operates and runs a massive bookselling business and warehouse.

With a 10+ year history in the book selling business they have mastered the niche over the years and are now expanding in a major way.

They have already been offering bulk sellers a way to monetize their books by turning duds into studs over the years but with our integration they are opening their books to the everyday Amazon seller. So let’s cover just 3 reasons why you might want to sell back your book to SBYB.

3 reasons to sell back your book with our SBYB integration

Split Shipments

Split shipments suck.

There isn’t much more that can be said about them to be honest. However, they are a necessity in order to efficiently place books and other products closest to the customer based on the vast data that Amazon holds.

It’s the right thing to do for the customer but that doesn’t mean you are totally without options.

Let’s say you you’ve just finished scanning and listing 100 books into AccelerList. You press the preview shipment button and you get a 95/5 split on your books.

95 going to your favorite warehouse and 5 going all the way across the country to a town you have never heard of!

Curse the Book Gods!

But this is a perfect scenario to leverage the Sell Back Your Book integration with AccelerList.

If this was book 1 of your 5 then you could sell it back directly to SBYB and take the $6.11 in hand now and forget about the shipping costs on your split shipment.

SBYB pays for your postage to send in boxes of books. Pretty cool, huh?

Restricted Books

Another annoying problem for newer sellers.

If you find out that you’ve been restricted and can’t sell certain books out of your batch than the chances are good that SBYB will take it off your hands for a fair price. They have been selling on Amazon for a long time now and they are un-restricted in most of the book categories.

This was a sunk cost to you anyways but now you have another option with the SBYB/AccelerList integration.

Estate Sales, Liquidations, Craigslist Ads, etc

For us, one of the most exciting opportunities with our exclusive integration with SBYB is that you can now go out into the world and leverage your time and energy in much more efficient way.

Got a hot lead on an upcoming estate sale with tons of books?

No problem, list them on Amazon or sell them on SBYB…all through one unified listing experience with AccelerList.

Want to knock out a few ads in your local area but don’t want to have to ask the seller if you can scan some of the books?

No problem, negotiate a better deal and buy the entire lot for cash and worry less if you are going to come out ahead or not. You have options.

Want to do less retail arbitrage and buy more bulk?

No problem, get started with this awesome integration.

Statistics and Case Studies

Over time we’ll be collecting hordes of data on the price differences between the two channels and building features inside of AccelerList to help you make better decisions on each product scan so stay tuned for that.

DVDs and CDs

Sell Back Your Book isn’t just for books either.

They want your media in general, so as you scan CDs and DVDs (which most sellers are restricted for) you will be able to sell those back to SBYB too and turn those lost sales into winners and profit

It’s just business

Look, sometimes it hard to get your head wrapped around selling now for a lower amount… versus waiting and rolling the dice with your book on the ever-fluctuating Amazon marketplace.

But there is a spectrum of sellers that exist and SBYB has been around for a long time. You may be new and this may make sense for your book business.

You know the old saying: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”

Yes, they are going to take your book and possibly sell it on Amazon (which is what you could have done) or other marketplaces, but it’s often a win/win for you and them in the scenarios we just laid out.

Wrapping it all up…

If you want to buy books in bulk and not have to worry as much about how you will monetize them all then the SBYB/AccelerList integration is the perfect option for you.

Go ahead and jump right in and start listing and lets see what Sell Your Book Back is offering!

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