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Amazon Listing Made Fast

Give our brand new web application for handling Amazon listing a try. We'll make your life easier by simplifying complex workflows through tricks and efficient processes, built directly into our system.


Amazon Listing
Made Fast.

AccelerList can easily scan and upload 100 products into your Amazon Seller Central account within 10 minutes.

How Does AccelerList fit into the
Amazon FBA ecosystem?

Scanning in 500 items to Amazon should be FAST, but it isn't.

When you add a listing on Seller Central, you have to populate at least 5 fields every time you add a product.
If you use Inventory Lab, you have to decide the price of the item every time you list.

We help you focus on scanning first, and decisions later.

We allow you to provide default listing settings and give you tools to fix listing problems like barcode mismatches.
This makes pushing products into Amazon ten times faster than using Inventory Lab, based on time trials.

We're optimized for sourcing with remote employees.

Whenever your remote employees scan in new listings, you can see changes in your own account as they happen.
No sharing Excel sheets, no downloads, no licenses. Just log in and scan!

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Plenty of retail arbitrage sellers love us.
See some of the personal testimonials we have from happy users of AccelerList.

Eric Stoneking, Retail Arbitrage, FBA Seller

"I'm pretty pleased so far. I was using Inventory Lab and was exactly the poor work flow example you were referring to - scanning, determining price, evaluating condition, etc. your work flow is MUCH FASTER!"

Gary Tripp, Retail Arbitrage, FBA Seller

"Where has been all my life? You have to be kidding me. This is how bulk listing on AZN should be done. Makes Scanlister look like software from 1990. Won our business. Nice work!"

Sterling Sherrell, Retail Arbitrage, FBA Seller

"If you have outside workers listing, then this makes so much more sense than the competition imo. The UI is very nice and easy to understand. Lightning fast when you scan a barcode to show the correct book. On times when [AccelerList] could not find [the book], I really liked the feature to let me dig in using keyword to find. ... It is faster, better setup, user friendly, and does not have those crashes and bugs from competing software where you have to upgrade and license constantly. UGH!"

113359 Items Listed on Amazon
Using AccelerList

Our Core Features

Scan in BULK, Visualize the Results

Other listing solutions like Inventory Lab force you to make a pricing decision every time you scan. That slows down your workflow when you need to scan hundreds of items at once.

We let you scan quickly with a default price, and allow you to use a repricer to optimize the prices later.

Beyond that, you can see your aggregate estimated inventory valuation, costs, and overall profit LIVE, every time you scan.

Work With Remote Employees

Every interaction with AccelerList is synced automatically with the cloud. Scanned items are saved every time they're scanned in, and can be accessed again later.

That means it's a CINCH to work with remote employees: Just give them your account information and you can easily have multiple people list to Amazon at once. No downloads or manual updates, just log in and scan!

Easily Modify Scanned Items

If you scanned in an item, and it didn't match with Amazon's catalog, we have a built in tool to help you easily find the right product you're looking for.

You can also modify the price, condition note, etc. for all the items that you already have scanned in.

Upload Directly to Amazon

Once you have all of your items listed and validated, you can upload directly into Amazon. You'll find the items waiting for you in your inventory.

Our Product in 90 Seconds.

$29/mo (14 Day Free Trial)

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